Want to Minimize Employee Grievances?

There will always be certain differences between employers and employees. The objective I believe for any working person is that feeling of happiness and fulfilled at their jobs. This article pertains to exactly that, but first let’s see what the main issues on each side could be. Then I’ll provide my take on minimizing employee grievances.

Many employees I’ve spoken with say they go to work feeling extremely unhappy, unappreciated, and with that uncomfortable sensation of being taken advantage of. Some have indicated being given a daily number of tasks impossible to complete. Then never being acknowledged for the ones they accomplished well in that day or week. Particularly in retail obtaining a constant 40-hour work week is a challenge, and earning minimum wage or just above they mention is hurting them financially. There are some who told me that their jobs are dead-end, the company seem to promote from outside so giving a 100% makes no difference.

Having owned businesses, managed for others, I don’t believe those are the main employee issues. The problem for employers with employees is people seem keen and motivated in their interviews. Jobs are hard to find with high unemployment, and many will take any job even though they are much more qualified. Most employer’s layout the responsibilities, explain there could be other tasks as well. Interviewers discuss with candidates everything including pay and minimum hours they can expect. There are very few interviewing who don’t ask after each point are you comfortable with that? If there is no chance of promotion they don’t mention it, so employees complaining about that perplex me. Workers are very well versed in the labor laws today, and know how to take advantage of their employers. Once someone completes their 3-month probation firing them takes a long time. Coming in later, calling in sick, or not doing their jobs properly is common in the workplace for some. However, there are a lot who work their butts off as well earning their money! The ones I’m talking about are not looking long-term, have very little commitment to the company.

The best brand ambassadors are those hard-working long-term people, who will defend the company’s integrity always positive about how they’re treated. For that to happen employers need to be better in the acknowledgement, and making people feel valuable within their organization. Having a daily meeting talking about yesterday’s results, the current days goals and needs, plus recognizing some exceptional employees is the start.? Distinguishing and celebrating an employee of the week with the whole staff for outstanding work, then putting their picture up in a common area. It will motivate others to work hard because everyone wants to be a star! For those who come to work on time with no sick calls get a dress down Friday. A list is put up in again the common area congratulating for amazing attendance. This has cost the company nothing but goes along way right. Maybe reach in the company coffers have an employee appreciation BBQ twice a year. You’ll find employees not as focused as much on the other stuff that was explained in the interviews. You will have a more motivated happier fulfilled group of people!